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Top Tips for Healthy Joints

Top Tips for Healthy Joints

Top Tips for Healthy Joints

Top Tips for Healthy Joints

Help your joints with supplements like Syno-Vital Hyaluronan

Hyaluronan (HA) is a major factor in arthritis and as we age, is rapidly depleted in the body, causing stiff aching joints. Found in the synovial fluid, it plays an active role in maintaining joint health by helping to reduce friction, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory agent as well as an antioxidant. Syno-Vital Hyaluronan, which is a natural colourless and odourless liquid form of HA, is proven to help sufferers with osteoarthritis. Drunk daily in a glass of water, Syno-Vital Hyaluronan helps restore the concentration of HA in the body to keep it healthy and effectively lubricated.

Avoid injury

Factor in a warm-up of at least ten minutes before training and the same again to cool down.

Don’t ignore an injury

Ignoring the signs of an impending joint problem could lead to long-term injury. If the joint is sore, swollen or stiff, use the RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) technique. Rest the joint, apply an ice pack several times a day for twenty minutes, use compression, such as a support bandage and elevate the joint whenever possible.

Eat for your joints

A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and good quality protein is important for overall body function, including joint health. A few dietary changes that may be helpful; when you finish exercising take a smoothie or protein shake with added dark purple fruits prunes, cherries, blackcurrants and or blackberries; these will help to reduce inflammation.

Drink Enough Water

Make sure you drink adequate amounts of water as this is one of the main ingredients of synovial fluid.

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